Take a step back in time to 1911

Allandale School officially opened in c.1911, serving the community for many years – first as a school, before becoming a Home Guard during World War II, and eventually being used as a community hall. The building eventually fell into disrepair and was lovingly and painstakingly restored to its former glory in the early 2000’s by Keith and Alison Hatton.

History of Allandale Lodge

Historic Timeline of Allandale Lodge Accommodation

Allandale School

c.1911 - 1939

Pupils from Allandale, Raincliff, Skipton and Trentham attended Allandale School and intra-school sports were held with Fairlie School. Allandale School was closed in 1939, due to the requirement of providing transport for students to continue with their secondary education in Fairlie. The original principals home still stands directly opposite Allandale Lodge on Hamilton Road.

Allandale Community Hall

c.1939 - 1989

After its closure, the school building was a centre for the Home Guard during WWII. It was then used as the community hall and utilised by the Allandale Miniature Rifle Club, which was formed in 1944. Allandale Country Women's Institute also held regular meetings at Allandale Community Hall into the 1980s.

Allandale Hall became a centre for all manner of dances and socials and various clubs – Young Farmers Club (YFC), Women's Division of Federated Farmers (WDFF), and a polling booth every three years. In later years it stood as a sad relic, used perhaps once a year for the annual visit of Father Christmas.

Allandale Lodge Bed & Breakfast

c.2000 - Present day

Extensively renovated in the early 2000's to have all the comforts of a modern home, the original schoolroom was transformed into what is now the living and dining area at Allandale Lodge. Several of the original features from the school were salvaged during the renovation and are present at the lodge today, including New Zealand native timber floors, sash windows, and the original brick chimney.

Experience a slice of New Zealand's past at Allandale Lodge Bed & Breakfast